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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Little Sweet Sour Hubby -_-

*Hai ! my name is AHM .. hehe :) i am her boyfie ..

comel x caption tuh ? hmm .. cute ? oh no !

He is my little hubby or i just called him biy ..
Handsome x ? handsome x ? oh .. tak handsome tak senyum erk ? ohk lha .. huhuu , his don't like to give any smile to me or everyone .  so ? so we just see him like this . 

3 months he stay here , at Kajang . But we don't meet each other , just contact when he need me . hmm
Why he doing like this ? i think he so busy maybe , hm 
try to be a positive thinker . hehee 

biy .. Why u do this to me ? u make me hurt .but u don't realize it .
How could i tell you that i am very suffer with you now ? you make me
like never exist in your life . Why biy ? why u must doing like this to me ?
If you don't love me anymore . Just leave me ! but don't make me suffer biy . 
I love you and you know that , right ?

If you think this is fair to me and you . Let we see , wht will happen with
us after this ok . hmm

biy .. u know that i don't want someone others except you ! and do you think
that you are very handsome ? haaha thats why u must have a many girls , is it ?
if you think like that , i don't know what to do . But to me ! u always the right one
and you are very handsome in my world honey ,, i'm blind to see others . Because
my heart belong to you , stay with u , always with you forever and ever . hm :(

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