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Monday, March 30, 2015

My expression .. **

Biy ..
What i've try to told you before , its just like a dreaming ..
when i remember back !! it didn't meant i'd a happiness day .

biy ..
when i've told you everything about my life . about my
sadness , about my hopeless , it means you are everything to me .
But .. Why u didn't see what i've done ? why dear ?
you ignore me .. why ?

i don't know what to do now . Instead , i just think that our
relationship will be ending .. i don't know when it will happen ,
but my feeling told me that you will go away from me .

Do u want i make a video to you like i did it before ?
it means like a video you'd read before and it make you so 
sad right ? a reason why you promise me to give a happiness day right ?.
but i didn't see what you try to do and i just see you happy with your day
and day and day with ignore me enough , why i never see you like before who
always give me a smile when i cry , who always give me hand when i
wipe away my tears , who always give a strenght when i'd fall .
you are changed be ! like i always said " lets be fren till married "

i'm so regret to fallin love with you who never give me a happy day ,
but instead of . You are so cruel to do like this to me .
You are so cruel biy ! i hate you enough .. 

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